Author, Poet

I write with candor and a desire to inspire.

This was my first book with Conari Press.

It centers around two sets of key life lessons.  It is filled with  stories of  passion and interest, tales from people that matter to me, poetry and the "songs" of my heart.

People tell me they keep this book at their bedside and open it
randomly for encouragement.

Here I elaborate on the tenets of what served as my life mission statement for over two decades.  LIVE WITH INTENTION travels around the world and becomes woven in to the lives of many different people. 

It is beautifully designed by my friend, Liz Kalloch, and is filled with some of my favorite kind of writing: aphorism.  Short statements packed with purpose.

This is beautifully illustrated with photographs.

LIFE BEGINS WHEN YOU DO is an invitation to START. Today...
a little step toward your dream.

Waiting for "someday," or "when things are better," or "when I know more,"
is not the way to live a passionate life of intention. 

This books "works" for some many reasons. It is a quick read for personal inspiration  and it makes an outstanding gift (for men and women) for anyone in transition or on the cusp of change.