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The NEW Wild West

Posted on September 25, 2017 at 10:35 AM

I have supposed for some time that the internet and its various access to social media equate to the Wild West of old.Rather than the familiar phrase from Westerns, "There's a new Sheriff in town," it is more true that there is NO Sheriff in town.

The world wide web has transformed my capacity as an author and artist to connect to readers. Here. RIGHT  HERE. It's happening now  as you read this. I wanted to engage in a viable exchange on this blog with the opportunity for comments. However, the Wild West metaphor is relevant in a practical and disappointing way. Because of the hackers, spammers and people who just plain have too much time on their hands, the capacity to leave comments here is no longer available. I've decided the amount of time required to delete all of the inappropriate, unrelated promotional material and random spam is out of line with the number of readers who choose to comment here.

I draw a larger lesson from this single action. It serves me well to periodically evaluate all of the systems of my modern life. Not just the mechanical ones. Systems, or at a more personal level, habits, are put in place to serve a purpose. It's a good review practice to occasionally ask of these practices if they are still serving the ideal or purpose for which they were put in place.

Change can be hard and change is good.

Is it time for you to evaluate some of the long standing systems and habits that are supposed to serve the effectivenss of you in your world? If the answer is yes! then we can both call ourselves SHERIFF! and put a metaphorical badge on our vest.

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