Many Roles, A Single Day

Posted on February 22, 2014 at 3:05 PM

As I prepare for a 17 day book tour for SHE A Celebration of Greatness In Every Woman...I ponder how complex it is to get ready to

leave home for 2-1/2 weeks.  Then I remember some of my dearest friends who "left" their home never to return - thanks to the Grim

Reaper.  They were not madly preparing, fussing, doing, sorting, and in general rushing around. No, they were just living, leaning into another         

day and then they stepped  into The Great Mystery without any notice whatsoever.  There's some kind of lesson in this for me. Clear as a puddle muddied by spring rain. 

As I anticipate sharing this fresh work with hundreds of people on the road, I know this for sure.  The most important things I can do as I prepare to leave have nothing to do with the book tour, or finishing projects, or creating one more fresh surprise for the upcoming Bundle.  They are an extra kiss for my husband, an unexpected hug, a litany of appreciations for all my friends do for me.  Dog scratches.  Throwing dog toys and taking the time to say, "Who's a good dog?  YOU'RE a good dog. " Such questions and subsequent answers are the truly important ones.

Note to self.  Remember What Matters.

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