Perfectly Imperfect. "Perfect."

Posted on September 13, 2013 at 7:30 PM

"Why aren't YOUR books featured on your web site?" asked the incredulous financial advisor, Luna Jaffe. 

I laughed. 

"You have all these other books that you recommend, but not one of yours.  Don't you have a lot of books?"

"Yes. Almost a dozen." 

Ah.  There are so many things I say about not promoting my work.  Selling my books.  Telling people, "Really -

you should buy this book - you'd love it."  But it's all bluster and bosh.  So, I set aside all those "reasons" why I haven't been

at my computer, rebuilding my web site. And I did it.  And now.  I just have to laugh.  Books.  Oh, indeed. BOOKS.  I don't

know how I did it.  And right now I can't figure out how to UNdo it.  BOOKS ARE ON EVERY PAGE OF MY WEB SITE.

I'm going to attribute this phenomenon to the power of Luna Jaffe's suggestion.

So in the spirit of acting on sound advice - let me tell you this about my books.  I only write what I know I would want to read.

And if I don't live it, I don't write it.  I'm honored to be an author and I'm proud of everything I've written.  If you done own

most of my books - consider adding to your library!  And every one of them makes an excellent and thoughtful gift...

There!  Luna Jaffe*.  There's MY BOOKS! 

*   "Wild Money - A Creative Journey to Financial Wisdom"

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