The Great Unfinished Thing

Posted on August 25, 2013 at 2:30 PM

The Great Unfinished Thing*

becomes a familiar companion after awhile. It travels

every where you travel and pulls the line taut between all your

GREAT DONE and  it, The Great UNdone. 

Completing the Great Unfinished Thing launches an utterly different

dynamic.  The string falls, loose, unpulled.  Those who are familiar with

the tight rope walk understand the disconcerting impact of slack string.

This is, in part, some of the answer to, "Why can't I finish things?"  In

a peculiar and somewhat disconnected way the Great Unfinished thing

becomes a motivator for completing so many other Things.  In an effort

to avoid  *TGUT,   efforts become so much more focused on the other

end of the string. 

Curious: do you have TGUT?  And how does it work in your life?  Will

you ever "get it done?"

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