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Balance in The Aggregate...

Posted on February 25, 2019 at 3:45 PM

Some weeks ago I got the following message from a (now) former reader who continued to express her anger and disappointment in my subtle criticism of our current President. She wrote,


"If I wanted another political page- no matter how vague the dig- I would not have support this page and your work. I feel let down but I’m sure my opinion doesn’t register. If your work was as important as you make it out to be - please stay away from political. If you feel that politics is the way to go I wish you luck."


I have asserted for a few decades now that the concept of balance does not occur in the small and specific. Balance occurs in the aggregate. As a citizen who lives in a country that proclaims democratic processes, "Politics" is as much a part of my life experience as poetry. Political actions impact citizens, even when they think they are doing a great job of shielding themselves from them. That hike in per gallon of gas you just noticed? Politics. That tax on the soda pop you purchased with your lunch to go? Politics.


I live my life in the aggregate. At a personal level that means my friend who saw me at my crankiest self yesterday is able to recall the 98 other times I have been cheerful, optimistic and civil. Our friendship, in the aggregate, absorbs crankiness in the specific.


I work for clarity. I inspire myself AND others. I offer writing that lifts and challenges. And, in a period of time of great peril, a period of time when our country is stumbling and seems to have lost its footing as a global leader, I speak up. And out. Poetry and politics. Challenge, crankiness and courtesy. They are all occasionally served on the buffet table which is my work in the world. Work which is, at the very least, important to me. And perhaps it has been or is important to you.


If this view of balance in the aggregate offends you, please, walk on by. I'm not for you.

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