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It's Good To Have a Plan

Posted on September 4, 2017 at 7:00 PM

It's good to have a plan.

And then, life happens.

And then, it's good to have a new plan.

I anticipated that I would  grow old with a particular curmudgeon to whom I had been married ten years. (And, of note, curmudgeon is the nicest manner in which he described himself. I'm not being unkind, just accurate). Then. He introduced dramtically different ideas.

Now that I look to the sunny trajectory in front of me and recognize I have no children and am likely to spend the remainder of my fabulous days by myself, I have turned toward being responsible to those who will be left behind me when I exit the planet. When ever that might be. Since such a return ticket never has a date stamp until it's time for the flight...I established a new plan. 

I intend to move into a tiny house. Somewhere. in 30 - 36 months. And I intend to downsize my entire household  appropriately. I will sell, thrift and give 80 % of what I own. One tiny bit at a time. A friend just asked me how I planned on doing that. Here are my four questions. A thing, in order to continue the adventure with me, has to deliver a YES on all four counts.

1 - Is it useful?

2 - Have I used it in the last year (I was going to say six months. But. Christmas)?

3 - Is it beautiful or does it bring you joy?

4 - Will it fit in your tiny house?

I put a system in place over a year ago to get started on this process and only just kicked it into gear last week. Some systems take a while to warm up to!  These belongings of mine have already made "the cut" through several moves. So I am not applying these questions to a bunch of random stuff that I do not care about. Most everything I'll be passing forward has a story, a sweet memory or a bittersweet memory. And here's what I tell myself and believe most of the time...I don't need the thing to have the memory.


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