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Odd Contradictions - Attributing Characteristics to Qualities

Posted on March 23, 2016 at 5:35 PM

I wonder if "odd" and "contradiction" might not be a redundancy. 

Today I consider how closely related clarity and uncertainty are.  They sit together on a bench in the school yard.  Clarity and Certainty seem to barely remain friends.  Certainty keeps Clarity at bay.  Clarity makes Certainty very uncomfortable.  Certainty has forgotten what it is like to be curious.  Clarity embraces everything that she knows she cannot know.  Which makes her willing to learn.  So while Clarity heads to the library to check out a few more books on a current research project, Certainty stays in the yard...at the ready to convince any student willing to listen of all that she certainly knows.

These are fascinating days for me.  Mostly I stand on a square of uncertainty looking at how often Certainty and Clarity get in argurments.

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