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My Better Angels

Posted on March 12, 2016 at 5:05 PM

Is it possible that Donald Trump's candidacy for President is making me a better person?


Earlier today people in Decatur Georgia eulogized and buried the mutual friend. Now a dear mother I know in South Carolina tends to the last ritual before her son is buried.


In this contentious season in our country here is the Great Unifier: loss. We will all lose people we love; we ourselves will someday be lost to those who love us. There is perspective in this as contrast to the hateful rhetoric and the cancerous divide that anger casts as a contagion upon our country. You who will willingly disparage those you do not know, you who spit upon those whose color differs from yours, who judge as incompetent a gender not your own… Call to mind each of those people share in common with you the inescapable truth – we all come to the same end. Regardless of our political views or the reach or rancor of our public actions, we, every one of us a mothers child, will come to the end of our life. So unique to this day I call out my own better angels and will attempt in the season before me to identify the grace, the goodness, the model that we can all admire and follow. In the spirit of understanding the preciousness of life I am attempting, In this vitriolic political season, to see first that humanity before I hear the rhetoric. I. Will. Try.



In my  attempt to not sling hateful rhetoric back over the fence, I believe it IS possible that Donald Trump's invective, and tendancy to incite violence in his followers, IS going to make me a better person.  I am already working on how to reframe that characterization.  Try this:

Mr. Trump provides me the opportunity to respond to challenging rhetoric with a different tone.  Because of his behavior, I am requiring a different behavior of myself: that's a good thing!

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