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Everything Continues On

Posted on February 21, 2016 at 7:55 PM

My consulting physicist told me in advance of my lobbying trip to Washington, D.C., "There is NO away. Things transform, yes, but nothing EVER goes away."  Jerome helped me put science behind my opposition to off-shore oil drilling leases being released for the Oregon and Washington coasts.  Before I went to D.C. to testify, deliver 25,000 signatures in opposition to the leases, I helped put in place ON shore conservation measures (obstensibly) that would more than make up, if broadly applied, for the oil that might be recovered off our shores.  I am no longer an activist on behalf of the ocean.  I do still teach that Everything Continues On, that there is no "away."

In a practical way, I am beginning to apply this truth to my home and my own possessions.  In the coming months I will offer practical options, narrative, story and opportunity that will clarify for you, or along with you, your relationship to the things that surround you. 

Today it was my small project desk. Because I rarely involve myself in only one project...my project desk is often the perfect model of chaos in motion.  Not today.  Today everything that was in that top "before" picture continued on...to objects like it stored in anther area, recycle bin, project shelf, or, in very small measure, the trash.  My objective in the coming weeks is to allow my project desk to learn how to accomodate only one project at a time.  Not my usual practice, and I'm excited to make yet another shift in the way I work.  I continue on.  And, when seated at this desk, I will continue on with less clutter in my way!

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