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Paul Simon sang, "I know what I know..."

Posted on February 1, 2016 at 1:25 PM

Fascinating.  You know what you know.

You simply forget that you know.

Connecting to our core passion, remembering and doing what matters, being in alignment with our deepest values are all components of a wildly rewarding life.  And then, we get busy.  Working. Attending. Responding. Answering. Watching. Saying YES when we long to say NO. In the vortex of all that wild life-weather, we forget what we know.

I remember. I do what matters (most of the time). I remember and I long that my work will help YOU remember.

Ask yourself - "What do I KNOW in my gut that I have been ignoring."  Once you answer, do something about that.  Will you, please?

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