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Posted on June 12, 2015 at 2:25 PM

I have been receiving so many gifts, lately. Friends are being helpful as I anticipate major surgery (brain surgery) for my husband. My birthday's coming along. And, because I have such generous friends, I get gifts for no particular reason at all.  I looked around last evening as I was busy being enchanted with three vintage wobble dolls (I've been writing a  lot on social media about "the wobble" you can find me on Facebook maryanneradmacher10).  Wanting to have these wobble gifts front and center in my work environment led to an unexpected activity last evening.

I removed everything from the curio shelves in my writing room.  I dusted the shelves.  I parsed out the materials asking,"Is this still relevant to the work I am doing now?" and if there answer was no, I asked, "Do I know someone who might find value in this piece?" If the answer was no...(and the answer was 'no," quite a bit) it is a sweet little something that is heading to our local thrift shop a little later today. Now the shelves hold gifts and reminders of people who are in my circle. Now. Who are doing good work with me in the world. Now.  The shelves are not reminders of what was, but rather what is.  Because I am increasingly aware that what captures my attention a little soon captures my attention a lot. 

Even a very important reminder that I made for a calendar years ago is getting passed along.  The sentiment stays with me. "What you feed - grows. For WHAT do you hunger?"  It has a fork that belonging to a great grandmother of mine and a dictionary bit defining "Calendar."  How I spend my time is a true reflection of my hunger...what I really want.  So, I'm noticing that in bigger and more practical ways these days.  You?

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