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Have You Listened To The News Lately?

Posted on February 26, 2015 at 1:25 PM

I said to a poet, "I can hardly  stand to read the news - there's so little I can do."  His response?  "Knowing is doing."  A little knowledge goes a long way.  Sometimes the news leads me to silly antidotes - like putting a chicken hat on my head.  Other times, the news prompts me to take a specific action.  Last fall a young man in my country took his life, and the life of several of his friends.  What grief.  It impacted me deeply.  Within 24 hours I'd formulated my response.  I would visit as many classrooms as I could fit in - in a specified period of time - and teach them ways to manage life's events by virture of journal keeping.  I did that last week.  Hundreds of kids, through the generosity of many who supported my journey, got their own journal and a bunch of stickers to decorate it. 

If you have listened to the news lately and felt overwhelmed by the enormity of it...bring it down.  Bring it in.  What are YOUR unique skills? Perhaps you cannot travel to the other side of the world to use those skills...you CAN use them in your own community in the name of compassion. In the interest of healing wounds.  Honoring the fact that every single person contributing good makes a huge difference in the balance of the planet. 

And - here's me...with a chicken hat on my head. This laughter balances the news for me, as well as taking specific actions.  "Sometimes the best thing to do, in fact, the ONLY thing to do, is just sit down and laugh."  mary anne radmacher

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