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ALL IN Looks Different Than You Might Think

Posted on February 16, 2015 at 2:25 PM

This is my dog Woodrow.  He's ALL IN.  His tail is wagging wildly and his big dog haunches are poking up in the air.  When he came up for clean air the uppoer portion of his dog body was covered in dirt. He shook it off but a lot of it came home with him.  I know. I  the person in charge of the vacuum. 

I take a lot of lessons from this.  When I am ALL IN, utterly committed to something, I can see very little else.  My butt might be sticking up in the air, vulnerable and without qualification, open to all kinds of judgments.  When I'm ALL IN  there is no multi tasking.  When my head is pushing into an increasingly smaller hole, just like Woodrow here, there's no room for a cell phone, or an iPod, or even another somebody.  Just me. In pursuit of the thing that has called me to be ALL IN. 

When I rise up, or OUT, as in this case, I am dirty. Covered in the hummus of all the soil and matter that I've been digging through.  If I want to do anything else, I have to shake it off.  Clean myself off. Reset.  And carry on.

It strikes me that my humanity, pursuing a passion, is so very much like Woodrow digging after whatever he was digging for in this hole. He doesn't always share the specifics with me.  I cannot always multi task. Sometimes I have to DIG IN, focus, shut myself off from other elements and stimulation.  And that means occasionally my torso might be configured in such a way that is, at very best, unflattering.  Oh, well.  When I am pursuing a passion with keen focus, considering what others might think of me does not figure into the equation.  Upon further consideration...most of the things I've done in my life to date would not have been done if I had been concerned with what "other people" might think.  Perhaps that is the biggest lesson that Woodrow's efforts have brought to me.  Thanks, Woodrow, for the big ole' metaphorical bone of wisdom you just shared at my feet.  Good Dog.  Go. Go dig a hole. I'm All In.

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