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Seize the Regret/Wishing VOID

Posted on January 16, 2015 at 3:20 PM

What would it be like if all the seconds, minutes and moments that are taken up with wishing and regrets were instead seized for leaning forward into your life?  How would a day change?  Instead of that musing over coffee over the longing you have to start the next creative project...you might, instead, start it.  I love to say "start starting."  The START is one of the hardest parts.  It's easier to live with an idea in your head and complain that you haven't the time to realize it.  And yet...when those musing moments are seized and put to work in practical ways...suddenly a dream has wings and it begins its flight to realization.

Where to begin?  Really, ANY where.  A step forward toward that longing is a better use of your precious seconds than the time spent wishing you wold take that step. 

Begin. Now.

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