Thoughts On Writing Spaces

Posted on July 25, 2014 at 5:00 PM

Mary Anne Radmacher updated her status.


"How do you set up a writing area that is effective?


The answer to that is a different as the person asking it. I can tell you about my process and you can find the things that are resonant for you. First, from my formal consulting days: your IMMEDIATE WORK ARC is that semi circle right in front of you. If you hold your elbows to your rib cages and reach them in a half circle, that area should be clear of everything except your writing tools. Keyboard, pen and paper, recording device. the SECONDARY WORK ARC is the semi circle you create by extending your arms and drawing an imaginary half circle. Within this easy reach should be the other tools you require for your writing. Favorite pens. Timer. Notepapers. In mine is my timer, my hourglass, some inspiring icons, a calculator and my "stick to it" writing system papers.


This arc applies whether you are working on your sofa, at a coffee shop, or an established station in your home or office. If you find yourself working ON TOP of piles or in between stacks of other projects, those things become the entity on your shoulder that Virgina Wolfe writes about. They are screaming for your attention and even if you do not tend them they are completing for your focus.


Chaos can swirl around. Piles can be ceiling high...just NOT in these two work arcs. Just like Charles Schultz found he created the best cartoons in his dependable working environment, which he kept the same for years, so do I find greater output when I maintain these physical structures.


I hope this experience relates in some way to your writing experience.

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