Find Balance

Posted on October 19, 2013 at 1:40 PM

Balance occurs in the whole not within the parts. Searching for balance in the specifics of the little bits  yields little return. At low tide, with long mud flats,  it is hard to imagine a river lapping the edges of the banks. Yet in a moon cycle there is evidence of the balance - the ebb and flow -of the tide waters.


There is imbalance in a moment. That moment of seeming asymmetry, taken as an important  part of the greater view, becomes part of a account of balance.


Close the ledger book.  Look up and be present to the experience in front of you. When you have time for a backward glance you will be surprised at the equilibrium written into to that ledger of your heart.


Parity occurs in the big picture, not the small parts.


mary anne radmacher

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