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For the last 34 years I've pursued my craft and calling through consulting, writing and art.  I  continue to push the edges of what creativity looks like.  I document those explorations in a variety of ways and articulate the results in a diverse offering of service and product.  Enjoy your look around here, please, and if you have questions or comments, write me. 

I support people through my consulting and inspired products to "connect the dots," to REMEMBER AND DO WHAT MATTERS. In this capacity I assist people in transition and change. People who work with me enlarge their SHINE (emanate) and raise the light of their work ever higher.  I use proprietary processes I've created over my lifetime to deepen a client's effectiveness individually and in community. 

Perhaps we'll work together.   I love to consult with people about all the ways they can remember and do what matters. In any case, let's agree to continue to both SHINE and  raise the light!

mary anne em radmacher

Write me if you would like me to invoice you for this set of Everyday Oracle cards

These are proving to be a thought-provoking system for an amazingly diverse group of users. 

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