inspire•empower• connect with one-to-one personal training/consultation.

My favorite work in the world is working with an individual to unwrap or deepen their own intuition and instinct. I empower clients to unwrap, with clarity, all that they already know! A single hour can be split into 2 or 3 segments and yields measurable and immediate results. Those 3 segments cost $250. Write me if you would like to enjoy that discovery process Reach out to me if you are inclined to explore a customized writing process. I have helped numbers of people complete their projects and books.  I am pleased that I have walked many of them to the process of publication.
I would be happy to hear from you.  Write me.


I've been creating and distributing art around the world, professionally, for over three decades. My penchant has always been toward efficiency, green practices, and a working area without extra things collecting dust.

Seeing glossy magazine spreads of “where artists create” leaves me conflicted, both inspired and discouraged. These spaces are so beautiful, composed, dust-free and seem more suited for having coffee, tea and biscuits. I know where most artists work. They work where they are. They work at kitchen tables, in living rooms, in spaces that double as guest rooms, on their laps while watching television. Some lucky ones have rooms dedicated to creating. The space itself has very little to do with living a creative artful life. Attitude and seeing opportunities are the foundation of an artful life. The artful life I speak of is the one I live outside of my commitments as a professional artist. It’s the lifestyle where artful opportunities to create for friends is my hobby, not my livelihood. It’s how I do almost everything - not necessarily as an artist, but as an artful human.

I am forming a group to pursue the elements that DO impact a creative, innovative and artful life. We will work alongside each of exploring ways to live and express ourselves more artfully.

In the comments, you will find the different options I am offering. I only have a limited number of the glass stone kits, so soon that will disappear from this list.. I am delighted by your consideration and would be proud and excited if you will join me on this journey lasting through the end of 2018. This is not a course but a community and what I offer there are not obligations but options.

Announcing my private “MAKER’S ENSO."
Our first creative dive will be the glass word stone kit!

THE MAKER's ENSO is a private Facebook group where I will engage with demo videos, creative challenges, and fresh ideas that I'll invite you to try with me, beginning soon and throughout 2018. Not too much, just enough to keep your creativity engaged and your inner Maker enthused. This is a passion of mine…making things, gifts for friends, things to beautify my own space, and ways of living my life artfully. In the course of the coming 15 months, I will share many practical techniques about simple and accessible artful projects, artful organization, approaching the kitchen with an artist's curiosity including making things from common objects normally found in an office or home. Ways to connect artfully with your inner muse, your family and your friends. Curated resources that I will happily share. First choice of creative kits.
We will start on Facebook and very soon this will move to my chosen teaching platform, Ruzuku! I hope you will consider joining me for this unique journey.  click here to write with your interest
Focus Phrase is a process I developed for myself as a teen to help myself study,learn and make sense of a confusing world. It's carried forward into a proprietary on line process which has brought clarify and insight to hundreds of participants.

The LEAP process will be available as a self-guided process in 2018.

Write to register or with questions. Click here.
Private Creative Retreats by Mary Anne Radmacher
Whidbey Island, Washington

Imagine sitting with Mary Anne Radmacher, writer, artist, and personal development expert, in her private studio on Whidbey Island, Washington. Her only wish is to share her years of experience to teach you what you desire to learn.

Mary Anne has spent the last thirty-two years authoring 11 books, creating magnificent art, often partnered with her inspirational words and famous quotes. During that time, she developed unique processes around art, writing, and personal development that she teaches in one-to-one Private Creative Retreats on Whidbey Island, Washington.

As a result of working with Mary Anne, clients have found their true voice, developed significant writing practices, written books, discovered their inner artist, become workshop leaders/facilitators, public speakers, and so much more.

"I have not only experienced the magic of working one-on-one with Mary Anne Radmacher myself, but have also seen and felt the impact her creative coaching work has on the lives of so many others--it is an unfolding of the highest magnitude.”
Patti Digh, Author & Social Justice Activist

Mary Anne’s studio, the Apron-Aerie, is a large art space where you will have access to her fabulous materials. The Apron-Aerie also has welcoming living area, a fully appointed kitchen, a private bathroom, private sleeping spaces, and a breath-taking view of Holmes Harbor. It will be your home away from home while you are there.

This is your chance to learn new art skills, flex your writing muscles, or do some deep personal work. Mary Anne is skilled at creating a retreat that’s right for you. Your retreat includes one-to-one creative mentoring time with Mary Anne, plenty of private time to practice and anchor your new skills, and free time to relax and explore beautiful Whidbey Island.
“Mary Anne creates the perfect space to learn and then hone your skills in the quiet of her beautiful studio. Learn, then try, get feedback, and try again. Using this model, I found myself miles ahead of anything I had done before.”
Pam Matchie Thiede

Mary Anne’s generosity with what she knows creates a unique learning experience that is not only cognitive, but also far deeper. She sees beneath the surface to the patterns of our lives and lays bare not only our deepest longings, but also our greatest capabilities. It is the stuff that allows us to know we've reached the root of our creative spirit; it is the stuff that changes lives.  Patti Digh

Weekend Length Retreats - three night’s accommodations in the Apron-Aerie’s private suite, two days with 90 minutes per day customized one-to-one mentoring with Mary Anne - $895.

Weeklong Retreats - 6 nights in the Apron-Aerie’s private suite, five days with 90 minutes per day customized one-to-one mentoring with Mary Anne - $1995.

Mary Anne guarantees to hold these rates throughout 2017.  Schedule now. A 25% non-refundable payment will hold the dates you have selected (you can work with Mary Anne if you need to reschedule your initially reserved dates) and the balance is due four weeks in advance of your visit.

Ready to be inspired, empowered, and transformed? Pull out your calendar and pick out dates. Do it now, September is already booking and we want you to get your preferred time, too.

CLICK HERE to send Mary Anne an email with any questions or comments. Want to stay longer or add more daily mentoring time? Packages are easy to customize to your needs.

No one expresses the human condition the way Mary Anne does. No one crawls into another’s heart and weaves together the words that touch that them in that precise moment to the depths that she does. No one. She is one of a kind and the planet is infinitely better off for the gifts she shares. Time spent in the apron Aerie with Mary Anne exceeds all expectations. Prepare yourself for the extraordinary at every turn.
Marci Moore, Author, Financial Consultant

Logistical Details
Airport: Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA)
Shuttle Service: Whidbey-SeaTac Shuttle, 877-679-4003 (advance reservations needed);
Car Rental: SEA Airport or on Whidbey Island (A-Z Auto, 360-341-4888)
near Clinton Ferry Dock;
Ferry: Mukilteo to Clinton ;
Grocery Store, Restaurants, Coffee shop, Banks, and more available within 3 blocks in the core of Freeland, WA

And from a State Systems Analyst, Julie Griffin:
Only visit MaryAnne if you want to make an exceptional leap towards your goals, better insight, or simply having a good life. She is directly responsible for substantially increasing my income, creating a work/life balance, and helping me define my purpose.  Her questions challenge my self-imposed beliefs and open a wider world of possibilities.  We develop a plan with specific action items.  Every conversation with MaryAnne enriches my life. An  Apron Aerie retreat is an amazing investment in yourself to design your future.
Julie Griffin

"I cannot recommend this experience with Mary Anne Radmacher enough. I attended one of her retreats and have been able to creatively and personally move forward in ways I would have never anticipated. I have put myself and my art and my words out into the world with a renewed sense of purpose and self. Please grant yourself the gift of this experience."
 Peg Ashman

Hundreds of people have discovered quite a bit about themselves while taking writing processes with me.  If you would like to know what some folks have said, write me and I'll send you a bunch of testimonials.  What I want you to know, beyond what others say about me and my teaching, is what I have to say about it. 

I love opening a door or two for you to peek through and see yourself cloaked in magnificent possibility.  I get a mighty reward sharing the writing processes I've developed over the years.  It's an additional bonus when I hear from participants months and years after they've begun writing (for the first time) (again) that they STILL are remembering and doing what matters.

I also take on individual clients and create personal curriculum based upon expressed needs. You can inquire about that, if you feel inclined. 

Write me by clicking here:  write to mary anne radmacher