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You may know me as the author of a single aphorism.  Perhaps the one showing below.  I've been writing to make sense of my world since I was a child.  Perhaps you are fortunate enough to be engaged, daily, in work you love?  I am.  I am grateful that every day for the last 31 years I've pursued my craft and calling through writing and art.  I  continue to push the edges of what creativity looks like and means to me and I document those explorations in a variety of ways and articulate the results in a diverse offering of service and product.  Enjoy your look around here, please, and write me. Perhaps we'll work together.   MAry anne radMAcher

2017 is upon us. The concept of bundles remain in 2016.  (and 2015 and 2014!). As I reflected on over three years of monthly
ideating, sourcing, creating, (in many cases personalizing) and packaging and shipping… I laughed out loud. There must have been
a dozen times I wondered if I really WAS going to be able to think up something new and engaging for the next month. And, the
month after that.  Turns out, I did. And I’m still ideating and creating.

{our} beautiful witness. That is my monthly offering for this year.
I will pursue the three things that I know most deeply: mixed media/watercolor/collage; symbolism and levels of meaning and poetry and essay.   Each quarter will follow a theme: Earth; Wind; then Fire for summer and Water will finish the last quarter of 2017. At the end of 2017 you will have a unique collection: four unique and original pieces, a complete deck of beautiful color prompt cards
appropriate for framing, for divination, for meditation or as writing prompts and four boxed sets of small books…filled with new poetry and essay.  

January’s offering is rooting your word in a earth-shaped circle. YOUR word. A favorite word. A focus. Your “word for the year.” It’ll come to you matted in an 8 x 10 black core mat. AND I will create 12 thank you size cards featuring your original art.

A month at random is $89.  So if you spot the announcement on facebook, that’s the price.

A month, in the beautiful witness CIRCLE is $83.  This is an automatically generated invoice which you are welcome to ask me to cancel if for a few months in the course of the year you must
decline; your commitment still nets you that discounted price.  Let me know if you want to participate at that level.

You can subscribe quarterly for $237. each quarter.

You can subscribe annually, and I call that ENSO because it is a circle of support that does significant work for me. Not only does an annual subscription allow me to acquire the structures for completing my monthly offerings, it allows me to replenish the consumable materials required to make. Good. Art. Meaningful art. Art and writing worth looking at repeatedly and reading again. And again.
That’s $909. and comes with an immediate and nifty thank you gift of some of my “live with intention” pieces produced through my friends at Quotable Cards.  ENSO closes on Friday (January 6, 2017). This option can also be directed to others on a monthly basis - to use as birthday gifts or a gift to lift someone’s spirits or say “thank you.” It would, of course, be accompanied by a gift card. This
option makes me smile because it’s a lot like fruit of the month - ‘cept it’s my art of the month.

January’s offer closes soon and I am already busy painting what I hope will be legacy pieces.

Thank you for making space for my work in your world. Thank you for sharing what I create with people you care about. Please write me if you want to participate in the {our}  beautiful witness offering at any level.

a witness to beauty,

mary anne radmacher

My books are available through,
on and at fine book and gift stores.

In fact! if you have a favorite store that is not currently carrying my work -   will you let me know where they are?  I'll ask them to offer my books and inspiring cards, posters and journals.

xo,  mary anne radmacher
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From picking berries and green beans in grade school, to the part-time jobs I held during school and then, as a young adult,  I worked hard for others,  I began working for myself a few years before I was thirty.  And I've earned my way ever since by my words and art.  I've penned thousands of aphorisms and  poems...perhaps my most famous is,
   courage doesn't always roar.     sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying,
           "i will try again tomorrow."
I began a new offering in February. A monthly subscription called, radMAcher WROTE. It's $20.16 ( 4 x $20.16 = $80.64). Because it's 2016!  The spots committed for billing each month are all claimed - a   few positions remain for the four month subscription to WROTE).   In addition to a handwritten (or, in some cases, typed on a vintage typewriter) letter, you will receive original content, images, poetry, questions and thoughtful inquiry approximately four times weekly. for details, write