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Mary Anne Radmacher

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About Mary Anne Radmacher
Artist, Author, Apronary
and working toward a Kickstarter Campaign goal that concludes November 8. 

The November RadMAcher Bundle
is available to reserve/order through
midnight tonight.

You may send me a message with your email and I will send along a PayPal invoice.

The bundle will post the week of Thanksgiving to U.S. clients.

Santa is real posters - to keep and share.  Over a dozen holiday greetings, appropriate for many different faith or holiday traditions.

You can support my work in the world by sharing it from:

I am an artist, an author and an Apronary.

I coined the term APRONARY because of my life long association with Aprons.  My father was a manager at Hyster Company. He worked on the production floor where virtually every man (and it was all men in his day) wore a sturdy work apron for safety.  Apron wearing is an action not related to gender, although many people associate it with a woman in the kitchen.  I have an apron for every task I do.  It's just part of having the right tools for whatever job I am working on.  An apron is a symbol of a "Let's get this done," attitude.

I have been writing and creating art professionally for nearly thirty years. Some things, available through my license partner,, are the same as always.  And much work there represents a new design aesthetic.  I work to stay on the cusp of my own expressions and not fall into a rut of sameness.

Each month I offer a limited quantity of a Design Bundle reflecting whatever creative endeavor I'm involved in at the moment. I announce them on facebook at the end of every month. And here!

I am involved in a fascinating diversity of activities and feel honored to earn my living in a craft and field I love and admire.

I hope you will enjoy your visit here.  To purchase any of my work, please visit my friends at